Privacy Policy


Last update: 2017-10-03


Our software does not collect any personal information. It does not send private user information when connecting to the Internet for updates on user demand.

E-mail addresses

We collect e-mail addresses from users who buy our software. We use them for sending license keys, information about changes in registration and major software updates or new releases. Registered users can change or remove their e-mail addresses by contacting us or by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in our messages.

We also collect e-mail addresses of people who subscribe to our newsletter. We use these addresses to send the newsletter, obviously. Subscribers can change or remove their e-mail addresses by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the message.

Personal Information

During the purchase process, we collect user information. This information is collected by our registration providers — Paddle, FastSpring, DevMate or Apple. They have their own privacy policy policies. No personal information will ever be shared with another company unless we’re acquired by them or sell the product business to them.

MACPLUS SOFTWARE HAVE NO ACCESS TO CREDIT CARD NUMBERS OR OTHER SENSITIVE PAYMENT INFORMATION — this data is only available to the secure services of Paddle, FastSpring, or Apple during the purchase process.

FastSpring is the authorized reseller for MacPlus Software. When you purchase a license, your name and email address are collected by FastSpring along with payment information to process your purchase and for accounting. You can review FastSpring’s Privacy Policy at

Names, email addresses and invoice details (but not payment method details like credit card numbers) are shared by FastSpring with us and stored on our servers. We use this information for tracking licenses and for analytics.

Web site and Cookies

We collect and analyze the usual information about our website visitors using  DevMate analytics system.

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We also track referring URL (which site you came from), if available, as supplied by your browser, and store it in a cookie for 1 year. This information is passed to our payment processor, which passes it back to us when the purchase is made. We store this information to better understand what promotion channels work for us.

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Please contact us if you have any questions.